Prisoner Ombudsman Welcomes Report of the Independent Review Team

Published on June 09 2009

The Prisoner Ombudsman has welcomed the publication of the Review Team set up by Minister Paul Goggins in response to her report into the death of Colin Bell.

Commenting on the report, Pauline McCabe said:

“As Prisoner Ombudsman it is my job, when investigating Death in Custodies, to provide answers for families who have lost a loved one in prison and to identify, for the Prison Service, feedback on lessons that can be learnt. My overriding purpose in presenting my findings and making recommendations in connection with the death of Colin Bell was to help to make sure that a similar tragedy in the future would be avoided and that other changes, that would impact positively on the care of vulnerable prisoners, would be implemented. In that context, I welcome the Report published today. I believe that the action proposed will be very helpful in meeting the current and future challenges facing the Prison Service.”