Prisoner Ombudsman statement in response to the introduction of body scanners in Northern Ireland prisons

Published on March 01 2023

The Prisoner Ombudsman Dr Lesley Carroll, has welcomed the introduction of body scanners into Northern Ireland prisons.

"It is important to me that those in custody are treated properly and that the safety of both those in custody and Prison Officers is ensured.

"The introduction of this technology to our prisons has taken much longer than anticipated. I welcome its use as a further measure to ensure the safety of those in custody.

"I hope that those coming and going from custody will experience benefit from the less intrusive approach to searching, where it can be used.

"I particularly welcome the safety assurance from the use of scanning technology as it should ensure a decrease in illicit substances coming in to the prison. I encourage the Prison Service to continue their focus on treating people decently and keeping them safe."